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Default UK Iriver H140 repairs?

While out running this morning I dropped my Iriver H140 out my pocket, which proceeded to skid across the road.

Fortunately it didn't seem to have much effect on it, as the album I was playing seemed to continue absolutely fine, for around 20 minutes. It then froze. I managed to eventually switch it off, then back on, but the Iriver doesn't show as it containing any tracks. I've tried plugging the USB cable in, and my computer comes up with the message saying that the device could play faster, but then it doesn't pick it up after that. No database updating, the drive doesn't appear on My Computer, no autoplay, nothing.

I can actually switch the unit onto FM mode and listen to the radio, and also press and hold the nav button on the player to do things like firmware upgrade and sleep timers, so it hasn't lost all functioning, just the mp3 function and plugging into my PC.

Is there anyone (ideally based in the UK) that would be able to repair it? Has anyone else had a similar problem? I'm not too bothered about the music on there (although it'd be nice to get it back), it's more the shelling out for another mp3 when this one seems to be semi working that I'm annoyed!

The player itself hasn't left its case, hasn't been dropped, worked fine prior to this morning, which has given it its only scratch.

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