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Unhappy Short Review: Sony S610

I purchased both the S610 and A810 model. Used both for a day and decided to return the A810 and keep the S610. Reasons are:

1. the A810 looked more fragile of the two. Sure, it looked nicer, but didn't seem too solid. At least solid enough to withstand a drop of 3 to 4 feet on a hard floor.

2. the circular button on the A810 wasn't as user friendly: your thumb had to be very precise. I thought the S610 was more friendlier of the two because there is more area for you thumb.

3. the A810 was longer---too long to slip comfortably into your front jean pocket. The S610 is slightly fatter, but manageable.

4. The S610 appeared to be much easier out of the two to hold and grip---IMHO.

I've used the S610 and my impressions thus far:

1. Sounds great. I know sound is somewhat relative, but there's an extra sound setting on the A810 and it makes it sound slightly better, but not much of a difference. That is, both put out quality sound.
2. the S610 is very small and easy to handle. I wear it around the neck and can barely feel its weight.
3. the batter life is good. Nothing near 30 hours, more like 24ish for me. But that could just be because i'm playing with it more since it's a new toy.
4. Relatively intuitive user interface. Fast navigation (unlike my old Samsung T9).
5. transferring files is fast and easy. I use MediaMonkey and it works fine.

Biggest complaints:

1. NO SLEEP TIMER. I thought this would be a standard on every player nowadays. Since this is an 8GB player, i could have literally over a hundred hours of music and i don't want it playing till it runs out of battery should i fall asleep with it on. This is just lazy development.

2. it's way too easy to power on. the player will power up with the touch of any button. I think one should have to hold down a certain button for a second or two to power up, but not with the Sony's. Touch any button and it will power on. This is bad if you want to put it in your pocket to use later: you will accidentally turn it on and it will drain the battery. Only way around this is to always keep it on 'hold' when not in use. Stupid design again.

The two issues above are enough for me to keep an eye out for another player should it become avail before my return period expires (30 days). Sony could easily fix these two design flaws with a firmware update. I'm hoping for the latter to happen since this player would be solid gold after those fixes/tweaks.
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For your second point...there is a hold switch...
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How fast is file transfer to the player? Like in MB/sec or some other measurement?
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Default A818 is not fragile

Disagree with your point #1. I have an A818.

I believe A610 is made of plastic while A818 is made of all metal (feels like aluminum). A818 feels good in hand.

As far as drop test. I dropped mine twice already without major damage. Once it flew out of my hand while exiting my car. Dropped onto hard concrete from about waist to chest height. Back top right hit the ground and only minor scratch occured. Second time dropped from desk height onto carpet or linoleum floor without even a scratch.

As with the thumb control. I have small thumbs. It's great. I like it. Feels more solid than the ones on the A610.

I'm totally happy with the sound. Piano sounds like piano. Violin sounds like violin. Slamming bass and sparkling hights. I ripped 320k MP3 and sync to 192k WMA. I liked the sound better than the new Ipod Nano.
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I didn't do any drop tests so I said it felt more fragile of the two. The S610 is plastic, but it seems more substantial/durable. That in no way implies the A810 is flimsy, just its closer cousin seems more solid.

Sound wise, I agree. It sounds very good.

Also, that leads to another design 'flaw.' Given that any button will power up the players, the 'hold' button is a must if you don't want to accidentally run your batteries out. The hold button on the S610 is 'friendlier' in that it resides on the side of the unit. The hold button on the A810 is on the back, lower right side. Not very easy to get too.

I didn't do any benchmarks, but I am guessing around 1-2 MB a second for uploading my mp3s via Mediamonkey.
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Default Transfer time

Originally Posted by evan_ View Post
How fast is file transfer to the player? Like in MB/sec or some other measurement?
drag-n-drop a 975MB MP4 file took 7 minutes.
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I did a test myself for speed on my A818, a 123MB mp3 file took 49 seconds. I am curious when you sync to 192 WMA, do you mean you re encode the 320 mp3 again? i wouldn't recommend that, best would be to rip to 192 wma directly and just move it over.
-Ascariss - Sony Crew
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Tested the S616F against Samsung YP-P2 via RMAA
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What does YP-P2 "load" mean ?
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