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I have noticed EQ sound problem too. This does not seem to be specific to the VIEW, my e200did this also. This has been an issue for me since the introduce the Custom EQ with the e200.

I mostly notice this when using the custom EQ settings. (View and e200)

Select Custom EQ, play something with multiple songs. You will notice that the first song sounds the way you EQed it, now skip to the next song, it still sounds equalized but somehow slightly muffled. While the second song is playing, go to the EQ section, now without selecting anything, just quickly scroll from Custom EQ to Classical and then back to Custom. You should notice that it now sounds louder and equalized to how you set it.

It weird, it still sounds like its been equalized but with a decrease in Db.
Its almost as if the EQ needs to be constantly refreshed before each song.

I am not 100% sure but my VIEW seems to mabey do this less frequently since the new update. As an example the custom EQ settings seem stay when I am playing a few songs rather than just one song.

Hey, it could be worse, we could just be stuck with crappy presets like the iPoo

I mentioned this to Sandisk once but never head back from them.

Lets hope this does get resolved, cause I am kinda tierd of having to refresh the EQ all the time. Of course sometimes I don't notice it at all.

Take it easy,
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