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Default Zen is malfunctioning..nothing works so far

Since yesterday my zen has been acting weirdly. Whenever I play a song, all it does is fast forward, until it gets to the point where it cant anymore, then goes to the next song and continues fast forwarding. If I go to the radio, it just continually scans up and at some random point goes to the "now playing" screen. I have already tried formatting and updating the firmware. Neither of these have done anything. Is there anything I can try that might work?
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That sounds as though one of your buttons is stuck. Do you have a case covering your player?
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Yeah but I took it out of the case

Oh and another thing I forgot to mention, the sound quality is very poor. It sounds quiet/slightly distorted. I've already check to see if it's just the headphones but they're fine.

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It sounds like the headphone jack is damaged. The "stuck button" could be the result of the damaged jack, as the ZVM's wired remote uses the 4th pin on this jack.
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What's with that username, famous... anus? Every less offensive name already taken?
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Thanks for the help Zenchick..I'll have to look into that tomorrow. And sorry if the name offends you dfkt, its not supposed to be intentionally offensive, it's just a name I've used for years and I thought it was clever >_>.
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