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Quote from link:

"Vroegh claimed that a 256 MB Flash Memory Device had only 244 MB of accessible memory. "Plaintiffs allege that Defendants marketed the memory capacity of their products by assuming that one megabyte equals one million bytes and one gigabyte equals one billion bytes." The plaintiffs wanted to use the binary values 220 for megabyte and 230 for gigabyte. The plaintiffs acknowledged that the IEC and IEEE standards define a MB as one million bytes but stated that the industry has largely ignored the IEC standards. [52]
The manufacturers agreed to clarify the flash memory card capacity on the packaging and web sites.[1] The consumers could apply for "a discount of ten percent off a future online purchase from Defendants' Online Stores Flash Memory Device".[53] The law firms Gutride Safier, LLP and Milberg Weiss received $2.4 million."

2.4million dollars because it was 244 not 156? Give me a break.
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