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I noticed that the Belkin cable at Walmart is gold plated or at least gold colored, whereas the one I have now is silver. I think it was about $7, and I think they have one much more pricey at $20-$30 at places like Best Buy. I thought gold was a better conductor, but not sure it is even really gold or worth it.

I'm getting mostly acceptable volume and realize that the MP3 file quality and other variables with the actual song media file can affect volume. Still feel like the volume level is better on CDs. In my mind, full volume should be too loud, and while I don't listen to that much extremely loud music (I am 37 now, need to protect the hearing), it seems like if I wanted to really rock out I just don't have the kick I need from the player.

How about some more details about the Monster one you mentioned? Trying to get information from a truly knowledgeable person at Best Buy or similar stores is hit and miss and mostly miss. Often you know more than the person helping you. Can't good minimum wage help be found anymore?

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