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Originally Posted by s@ns@ rocks View Post
nope, the manual is the same, in the part where it saids "more menu options" in the menu they are just showing the picture for an example. Like the title saids "More Menu Options" in that folder there is a voice recorder, settings and radio. It is taking the photos from the older sansa E280 and putting it in this one to show you that there is a radio and voice recorder and settings options. Doesn't mean there will be icons. Do you get what i mean? Like the icons are just examples. The sansa view doesn't have those icons, those are the e200 series icons, to show you in the view there are those features.
ummm....NO THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! If you skim through it all you will think its the same but when you actually read it, you will find that it is different...As for the icons, to put it bluntly...Why aren't they even in the View (new) when the e200s (old) have them? Moving back to the userguide...pages were removed+edited from the version I uploaded and the one on the Sandisk site...If ya don't believe me, save both of them & see for yourself.

If they are just for show then I sorta feel like I ended up with a lemon...I'm seriously thinking of getting a different mp3 player or maybe...just maybe an Ipod nano 3G LoL (View FREEZES WAY TOO MUCH)
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