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I was just telling controllerboy in PM how I feel like the seam in the face of the placer is a fatal design flaw. In a player with a solid face, shock transfers differently: impact point --> terminus --> impact point --> terminus, causing the face to bounce up and down, repeating until the shock dissipates. When you interrupt this by making the face plate into two parts, what happens is that you have two shock waves: impact point --> seam --> impact point, and seam --> terminus --> seam. When the two shock waves crash together at the seam, you have an enormous amount of force at that point.

Each time it transfers shock to the seam, the shock will reverberate up, back down, and then out, to the edges of the seam. Since the corners here are unsupported, they are far more vulnerable to extreme shock.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
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