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After having mine for just over a month I have few likes and mostly dislikes. My problem is I tend to want firmware freedom of the Rockbox kind. My hope is that some how the Rockbox folks will do they're first Samsung and it being the T10....but I doubt they will. At least I've got the Korean UMS firmware on so that helped tremendously.

Some dislikes:

Can't delete a file or move it where I want.
Can't make my own playlists outside of the SMS.
No bookmarks for my podcasts.
And while I dig the touchscreen....ultimately it's just not for me.
Not a regular USB connection.
I'm tired of all the proprietary....and from the looks of it that's going to get much much worse throughout the future.

Some likes:

Love the look and feel.
The screen is fantastic I really would watch a movie on it.
The sound quality is great....more than I expected.
It's simple.

I bought this on a whim without checking it out due to it having bluetooth and me just coming across it on display.....the bluetooth is the part I really works great and sounds great I really like no wires when I ride the bicycle. I can see the unit working for a lot of people.....but I would not buy again.....but now that I've have it I'm sure I'll be happy with it for quite some time in spite of my dislikes. :O)
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