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Page T10 Police radio spy

Hi a police radio goes via the fm radio but its just that ,that it is so small marginals like a normal fm radio goes like frequenses in 88.00 - 108.00
When a police radio 88.0000 - 108.0000 so i think that yu can easialy mod it. but i dont know how?.

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1.) It's illegal in most countries, listening in on the police.
2.) Police radio certainly doesn't use the FM bands.
3.) Tuner chips are hardware limited to a certain bandwidth.
4.) You'd probably need a different antenna.
5.) Why?

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Police radio can make quite interesting listening, but I don't think that the chip in the T10 would be capable. Assuming it's legal to listen to police radio in your country, it'd be easier to just buy a scanner.

The police may use encryption.

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I researched it. Suffice to say it won't work. Sorry.


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