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Default my take

I have a T10 got it the last week of Oct. so far it is alittle marked up, I still have the skin on it that shipped with it.

I have tried the DLO jacket, I hated it and think it is a waste of money. It seems that DLO took the nano jacket and put it in a package that says T10. The control area is round like a nano, not square like on the T10, so the bottom button is unaccessable unless you stretch the fabric to see it. The on/off access on the side is two holes. I don't get how you're supposed to use two holes to slide a switch, but I am curious to see if the nano has buttons on that same area. As for it creating scratches, I didn't use it long enough for it to get scratched. That being said I have a T7 and it is almost never out of the DLO jacket, it is perfect for that player. I don't know how they dropped the ball on the T10 but they did.

I just received a case from noreve, it is the most over thought case I've ever seen, which is good for the buyers. You can see the whole screen, all the buttons and nothing is cut off or barely visible, which isn't easy considering most of the face of this player is fuctional. The only part I am not crazy about is the clip. It is plastic first off, second you have you feed something thought it to attach as there is a lip on the bottom so you can't just snap it on a pocket or top of your waist or over a belt. The case is removeable by the press of a button though, I'm going to see how this works day in and day out before I pass judgement, but it seems alittle fragile right now being a plastic clip holding on to a piece of metal.

Before that I got a similar flip type case for a nano, and i cut off a small part over the screen and it fit just fine and was on markdown due to trying to clear shelf space. Only issue was the control area was a circle not a square so the bottom button was covered.
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