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Default insignia sport playlist problems

This is my first mp3 player and I have some issues: I am trying to download playlists. I have tried on Realplayer and then again on Rhapsody. I am able to get my tracks to download but not the actual playlist. I also just noticed that the tracks are going in alphabetical order so even trying to sort the music w/no playlist won't help. I have called Insignia support and have been on the phone almost 3 hours with no answers. Tried to check the manual and it seems to be for people who are familiar with the device-no specifics. Any ideas how to get my playlist or at the very least unalphabetize my tracks?
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Make sure you have the player in Media Manager mode (re-format the memory with System Settings in the menus), playlists should work correctly with Rhapsody.
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Rhapsody is a real pain, and you should not have to pay for a service to put a playlist on your device. I have the Insignia Sport, and have figured out how to do this. I did it using Media Monkey (which you can download a version for free at Media Monkey's pretty cool anyway, so it is well worth downloading. Do the following:

1. On your Insignia device, click the upper right hand button, scroll over to Settings and down to USB mode. Click on that and it will take you to Connection Type. You have two options there: Automatic, and File & Folder. Make sure you are on File and Folder (choose it by clicking the Play button).
2. Assuming you have already put Media Monkey on your computer, connect your device to the computer using the USB cable, and open Media Monkey. Since this is probably the first time you'll be connecting the device to Monkey, you'll need to scan the info from your device into the library, using File-->Add/Rescan Tracks into Library (in Media Monkey).
3. Once the tracks are scanned in, select the ones you want in your playlist, right-click and 'send to playlist'. You can read the help documentation in the software if you are unsure how to do this.
4. Once you have built your playlist, click on it and 'send' it to an .m3u playlist. The software will ask you where you want to save it: you save it on your device in the Playlist folder.

When I did this the first time, and unplugged my Insignia, it froze for a bit. Don't panic if yours does this: if you can't turn it off or take out the battery, just plug it back into the computer for a bit. Mine reset itself after doing that. I then unplugged the device again, and the playlist seems to work fine.

Hope that helps.
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Worked like a charm. I was even able to import WMP playlists to Media Monkey and have them sent to the sport without any problems. Copying the same file from WMP wouldn't work. Nice!!!
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Originally Posted by digitaldel View Post
Make sure you have the player in Media Manager mode (re-format the memory with System Settings in the menus), playlists should work correctly with Rhapsody.
I've also been having an issue getting the playlist to work. I switched the player to Media Manager and was able to get it to work with the MP3 and WMA files. Problem is, Ogg Vorbis is only supported in the file & folder mode. Does this mean I can't create playlists with Ogg files?
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