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Originally Posted by Mp3IsGreat View Post
I bought it in black
So thanks to all who answered my questions!

But one question I have now:
When I want to install the new firmware, has the player be updated on an lower version than 1.55 or is it able to update it from 1.15 directly to 1.55? (Hope you understand the question, because paraphrased it a bit --> German and can't speak - and write English as good as you ).

I think so, too.
I know people who bought the Ipod touch. They thought that I'm jealous of it, but I'm not, because it's only an "eye catching" machinery. But apple is not silly:
Great design: Lots of peaople like it and buy it, so apple is thinking:
OK, lets get more money, so they developed socks for it.
Black?? (your taste ) (hehe..)

Yes, you can update directly from any low version (e.g. 1.15) to the latest superhigh version. which i did. no intermediate steps/versions required to reach the highest.

Socks See? That's why i wanted to have the ipod. More cool, unnessary accessories, more community, more fun! I want now socks for my T10 too!!!

English?...yeah, both our written/spoken English seems c*ap *gg*(intentionally, because we r among youngsters and they speak like that)

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