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Default Pause when skipping tracks?


I currently have a Sansa e280 and typically just play all the songs (1500 or so) on shuffle. I get a pause a second or two long after i hit the next track button in the middle of a playing song. This is annoying as i may want to skip 3 or 4 songs until it comes up with something i feel like listenting to.

I'm considering upgrading to the Zen and was wondering if someone could comment on the speed at which tracks can be skipped?

Also, is there a way to queue up the next track. So i could choose the next song I want to hear, but not have it start until the current song finishes?

Thanks for your help.
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I can't comment on the track access time of the Zen. My ZVM typically starts the next track within a quarter second of the track-forward or track-back buttons being pressed - and it's a hard drive player. I don't see the flash-based Zen being any slower than that.

The Zen works off of playlists, and all songs are queued into a temporary, or "now playing" playlist. You can easily navigate to any song within this playlist and immediately play it. To add songs to the queue, simply navigate through the song browser, locate the song you want to add, press the select button and choose "add to selected".
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I'll throw my .02, with the disclaimer that I have less than 100 songs in my Zen right now, and probably less then 300 total audio files.

If the delay is longer than a half-second, I'd be surprised. Sounds about as fast as you'd reasonably expect -- but hopefully someone with a large library can offer their experience, too.
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I have about 4200 songs on my Zen and I notice no delay more than usual for any other MP3 player, computer, CD player I've used. Works pretty good considering the amount of songs it organizes.
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I'd also say it's no more than half second, but I'm quite sure my PC skips tracks even quicker (shuffle mode in most players).
I'm not sure what do you mean in your second question but you cannot do much with shuffle list. But if you mean creating playlists, they're possible to do on Zen.
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