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Bought mine in November. I'm a light user and haven't used the SD much except to store a few large video files mostly as a test. Only issue I've had with mine is a half dozen or less times I've got it in a "white-screen" state where the player works but the display doesn't want to work. Fiddling with poweroff and back on has corrected it, hasn't happened in a couple weeks probably.

I can delete on the go. I've never used the reset. File folder browsing is only on the SD -- so if you keep less often used stuff, things you prefer to manually sort, or large videos on that, I think it's a non-issue.

So, even though I bought at the height of the complaints, I've been happy with mine. I say pull the trigger, and just do it from someplace reputable that will accept a return if you're not happy.
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