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Your experience sounds a lot like mine. I was using a sandisk sansa e270 v1 I bought from craigslist and thought it was decent, but it definitely suffered from a number of shortcomings and frustrating issues that I just felt like I didn't need to put up with anymore. I found a good deal on a s616f, bought it, and never looked back. I knew my sansa didn't have the best sound quality, but I didn't realize how crappy it sounded until I got the walkman. Wow, what a difference! In fact, using the walkman is just a more enjoyable experience overall. I don't have to put up with the difficult to use scroll wheel/button layout and the stupid rotating icons UI, I have much better battery life, the ability to turn the volume lower, and a smaller, more rugged unit with a much cooler looking design. I can also browse through my music using a folder mode, so if the id3 tag is screwy I can still listen to the song. That was a huge deficiency in the sansa, IMO. Having a real volume control button is a huge plus, too. I hate software volume controllers.
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