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Default Happy with my new NWZ-S618F

After looking for a new MP3 player after my Sansa E280, I found The Sony S618. My first impression was that is was pretty small. Smaller than the Sansa. The keys are great and responsive and the LCD is easy to read.
And the greatest thing about this player is the sound! A was blown away after having the Sansa for 8 months now. I was using Rockbox by the way. But there is something "big" about the sound. Much "warmer" and the bass are cleaner too. I using it with a Sennheiser cx300 and an Altec Lansing MX5021.
It was a big step with battery life too.

Is it true that is runs a Linux kernel by the way?

And that standby modus, wonder how much battery time it takes...
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I didn't use my 818 for about a week after an almost full charge, used it for 2 hours then put it aside, after about 5-6 days the battery was still full actually. I believe the batteries are the same in both units so you should have similar results, but it always depends on how much you use it before it goes to stand by mode.

congrats on your purchase.
-Ascariss - Sony Crew
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Originally Posted by xpi View Post
Is it true that is runs a Linux kernel by the way?
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Your experience sounds a lot like mine. I was using a sandisk sansa e270 v1 I bought from craigslist and thought it was decent, but it definitely suffered from a number of shortcomings and frustrating issues that I just felt like I didn't need to put up with anymore. I found a good deal on a s616f, bought it, and never looked back. I knew my sansa didn't have the best sound quality, but I didn't realize how crappy it sounded until I got the walkman. Wow, what a difference! In fact, using the walkman is just a more enjoyable experience overall. I don't have to put up with the difficult to use scroll wheel/button layout and the stupid rotating icons UI, I have much better battery life, the ability to turn the volume lower, and a smaller, more rugged unit with a much cooler looking design. I can also browse through my music using a folder mode, so if the id3 tag is screwy I can still listen to the song. That was a huge deficiency in the sansa, IMO. Having a real volume control button is a huge plus, too. I hate software volume controllers.
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