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Default Zen V Plus issues

I'm on my second zen v plus, and debating on if I should exchange it, or just return it. I'm very happy with the sound quality, and the ease of use, but each has had issues.

The first one constantly locked up, and eventually pushing reset wouln't help. As soon as you turned it back on, it would just be locked up again.

The second one has worked well, once it's on. After it's been off for over an hour it doesn't want to turn back on. I hold down the power switch, and the play button and back button light up, but the player doesn't turn on. After trying this 3 or 4 times usally it turns on, but sometime I have to connect it to my computer before it will turn on.

I have a feeling both of these issues are firmware issues, but I don't see any udpated firmware on creative's site.

Has anyone used a zen v plus, and not had any issues?
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I have had mine lock up on ocasion, but it was easily fixed by pressing the reset button.
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I haven't noticed if this is a widespread problem yet, but I'm quite sure a firmware update will be available soon. The Vision:M had very similar issues, and a new firmware update addressing the problem was released within a month or so.
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I called customer service. There is no firmware available to download, so I would have to RMA the zen or return it.

Bestbuy doesn't have any 4GB left, so I'm debating if I should go with the 2GB or wait. I'm thinking maybe the zen v, not the plus is a better option. I don't know if having the radio is really worthwhile. I definitely could care less about the video playback.
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New firmware was release today. 1.10.03. I upgraded the firmware, and things are looking much better. Every time I've tried to turn it on, it came on the first try.
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