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Default Sony NWZA816B 4gb - any good?


I'm about to return my Sansa 4gb player.

I'm looking at replacing it with this sony deal on amazon.

my only concern is this.
I know they no longer require sonic stage, but i want it to function as a storage device, i just want to drag and drop files in xp.

does anyone know if it allows this?

I'd also like to know if you can browse by the directory structure rather than tags.

but i doubt it does that.

im running out of energy researching thins.. having made several dud buys in the past few months.. i need something really quite utilitarian, im a musician and constantly bouncing stuff down.. listening to it by day.. no time to faff around with 3rd party stuff!

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All the new sony mp3 players are drag and drop via xp using windows explorer or whatever other method you want.

they also sync via wmp11, and yes they can be used as a storage device.
-Ascariss - Sony Crew
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awesome.. thanks!
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Go for it! great choice
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You can browse by folder as well as by tags. I had a sandisk player before my walkman and I don't miss it a single bit. The walkman does everything I wish my sansa would've and it does it much better than I think sandisk would've implemented it.
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I have the 4GB sony a810 and I love it. If I were you, I would hold off for the new Sony A820
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