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Default Sport NS-2V17r Bookmarking Problem

I recently purchased the Sport with bluetooth, love the bluethooth but the bookmarking seems to have the same problem as the Pilot: When loading and playing a playlist and then bookmarking the file and then loading that bookmark, the Sport will only play that specific file and not go on to the next file in the playlist sequence. Example: Total of 10 files in an mp3 audiobook, I bookmark in the middle of file number 3 and then reload that bookmark, the player will continue and finish file 3 but not go on to file 4. Can someone confirm this behavior? My player is on firmware 1.008.
Thanks for any help!!!

Thanks for confirming this behavior - I guess I am back to merging files....
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Default My Sport's bookmarking works like that, too.

Which is fine for large, single file books such as netlibrary but terrible for everything else. My Creative Zen's bookmarking worked this way as well. The only player I know of that keeps the playlist intact when resumed from a bookmark is the Cowon D2.
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