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No worries about viruses on your Zen:
  1. Any media files (audio, picture and video) are treated as data; that is, the worst possible situation is a media file "corrupted" by a virus on your PC and transferred to the player: it will at worst be unplayable or lock the player up (which you can solve by doing a reset);
  2. As far as executable files (.com, .exe, .dll, .ovl, .bat and other extensions), they won't affect the player, since the Zen isn't designed to run user apps and neither the CPU nor the "OS" will understand and decode x86 instructions.
The only harmful situation I can see is using the player to transport files between distinct computers. If an executable file is loaded onto the player and then to another computer, it may infect that computer if the local anti-virus isn't fully functional, updated or if there's none.
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