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Originally Posted by TrackSol View Post
Another alternative to the Sony clear case is the Invisible Shield from Shield Zone (now named to ZAGG Inc I think). I've used it on my cellphone, PSP and even bought one for my niece's 2G iPod Nano. They're really great at protecting & come with a lifetime warranty. They do have a bit of sheen/shine to them though. Anyway, I just checked and they have one for the 810 already.

They also do custom orders for items not listed. That's what I had to do with my cellphone and now they sell it to the market, Moto A1200.
Yep... I'm familiar with invisibleshield. About 6 months ago I purchased a new 8GB iRiver X20 (my Sony Walkmans replaced the X20) The X20 has (or had) a 2.2in LCD. The invisibleshield did an awesome job of protecting it ... not a single scratch! It's just like they advertise. However... one day I had the X20 in my front pocket with my car keys. I was sliding into a booth at a restaurant and SNAP! My keys evidently put pressure on the LCD and it cracked diagonally corner to corner.

NET: Be aware that while invisibleshield protects against scratches it doesn't protect against pressure. While the Sony crystal cases do add a little bulk, and will scratch... short of hitting it with a hammer or stomping on it I doubt you could break the LCD. I beat the crap out of my S610 and have dropped it to the pavement several times while jogging. The first time I watched it bounce down the road in front of me... I expected the worst. But... no harm came to the player. The case has some serious scratches from sliding to a halt but the player itself still looks new.

Hmmm... ... maybe I ought to put invisibleshield on my crystal cases to protect them from scratching.
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