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Default Purchasing manufacterer Refurb Help!!

I am about to purchase a manufacterer Refured ZVM, wanted to know if any one on here has bought a refurb and what is the success rate of these players are they reliable?

I wanted a ZVM and as of now all I can find worth the money is Refurbed,

Good choice? is the ZVM better than the new Zen?

other than Video out what else does it have that the new Zen doesn't have?

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I've bought many ZVM refurbished units from Creative Labs. And they all worked. However, usually 30% of them are more cosmetically damaged than I would prefer.

Not sure if the ZVM is "better"; it really depends on what you want and need in an MP3 player.
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I just got a refurb ZVM and if you've seen my recent post, you'd know just how big of a disappointment it's been. The unit is a little scratched up, but not terribly so, but after 3 days, I have yet to see the screen light up. It absolutely will not charge via USB whether on XP or Vista, laptop or desktop. Since it has absolutely no battery, no computer will detect it. I have purchased a power adapter and I'm hoping it'd be able to give the battery a boost, but I find it ridiculous that a power adapter isn't included if the unit is so stubborn about USB charging. Customer service also offered zero help. It looks like I will just have to wait for the wall charger and hope for the best. In short, I completely do NOT recommend the refurb.
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i however got a factury refurb from creative and when i got it it came with NO scratches or any blemishes was flawless. ive had it since christmas and i love it
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I got a refurbed ZVM from Creative labs (ebay purchase) and it was in perfect condition. And Creative will replace any unit that doesn't work if you return it. I think you can trust the refurbs from Creative.
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