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If you have an iRiver H320 I do whole heartedly suggest that you go with the D2 over the Zen as the sq is really not the same and you prob will be disappointed with it. The H320 ( I've read from forums and reviews) sounds fantastic. The Zen - even though I sold my D2 and went with it - is not in the same class as the D2. I have it for the total features it has and the fact that, for me at least, it has been - for the most part - pretty trouble free. I sometimes get a wee bit annoyed when I listen to my sony S618 and then listen to the Zen later that day. The sound is just not as full and satisfying as the sony (or as good as the D2 was for that matter).
Try out the D2 and see if the firmware bugs have been solved and if not, just wait it out. It will prob come with 2.51 - if you DO NOT upgrade you will end up having none of the difficulties I've had. When the next update comes out then it should be time to update the D2. But by all means, give it a try and see what stellar sound it has. No other player will ever sound the same to you again!!! And ,....... thats a GOOD thing.
Also, not to omit this little fact - I personally like the sound of the new Sony's better than any player on the market - including the Zen AND the D2. The D2 is the king of features and is the best for any operating system and most audio formats. But , the Sony's REALLY kick some serious BOOTAY!!!!

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