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Originally Posted by WyldWoods View Post
Could you expand on this point, either here or in the full review when you post it?
My two cents worth on audiobook support:

The fuze recognizes any audio file put into the AudioBooks folder and shows it in a separate list from your music. So far, I've tested WMA and MP3. It's able to read the tags off of both. This is better than the insignia pilot which doesn't recognize WMA's as audiobooks.

While the fuze seems to support resuming on a PER file bases in the podcasts and audiobook folders; it does seem flaky. For unknown reasons, it just seems to forget where you were in a file at times. I'm trying to observe more detail to narrow it down.

The playback speed is a nice idea, but with only 3 settings (slow, normal, fast) and no pitch correction -- I don't see myself ever using it. It's hard to take a book seriously when it's being read by Alvin of the Chipmunks.

I wasn't able to get the unit to recognize any audiobooks put on a SD card. I tried creating a folder named "AudioBooks", but it still didn't integrate the files into the library.

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