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Unhappy SD Slot Problems :(

I've had my Pilot for about 4 months now. I never used the SD slot except once or twice to test it out.

Just recently, I bought a 1 GB SD Card to use in my Pilot. It doesn't seem to stay in the Pilot, which is odd because i have been able to put in SD cards before. I tried using other SD cards, and they have the same problem.

Also, the Pilot keeps saying "Unable to format external memory!!" whenever i put the SD Card in now.

I'm pushing in the card as far as i can, and i'm afraid i might damage something if i push any farther. I read a previous thread about the same problem with the SD Slot not "catching" the card, and i tried the advice posted in the thread, but it's not working.

Any help would be appreciated.
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You have to push the card in farther than you might think. I know on my Pilot I can't push it in far enough to 'catch' using only the pad of my finger. I have to use a fingernail - or a penny will also work if I've been biting my nails.

It's very obvious when the card locks into place. You can hear it click and feel it catch. If you can't easily close the SD slot door then you haven't seated the card properly. Just make sure you're inserting the card the correct way. The notch on the corner of the card should be towards the center of the player.
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I pushed as far as i could.

It's held in there, but i didn't hear it click. I hope it's not stuck in there lol

thanks a bunch ^_^
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My card seems to have trouble catching properly but it does work. I can't push it in far enough with my fingers for it to latch. I ended up pushing it in with the tip of a pair of pointy scissors. I also found that it latched better when the scissor pushed the card down on the right side of the card (held with screen toward you). I have no idea if this will help - if you try it, don't slip!
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You know, a quarter works just as good, and you won't have to go to the ER if you slip.
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The edge/corner of another SD card works in a pinch as well.
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