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Default NWZ-A818 hanging when connected to PC

I am having problems getting my new NWZ-A818 to connect to my PC. It appears to be OK but when I start to sync it with WMP11 and it only does about 8 to 10 tracks before it stops. Trying drag & drop in windows explorer it lasts 30 seconds or so before hanging. I have a company lap top and everything works fine so I think it is something on my PC.

I am running Windows XP SP2, checking usb drivers with my lap top they are all the same version. Looking at the entry in device manager it shows as a portable device, again checking the drivers they are the same as my lap top. The only difference I can see is that on my PC it shows a name of MTP device, but on my lap top it shows as Walkman (within device manager). The icon is the same though. Looking at it in windows explorer it lists as Walkman on both my PC and lap top!

If I take update driver and do it manually and select mass storage device rather than MTP it starts to work, but then I cannot see it in WMP11 to sync it. I can drag & drop, but don't get any of the art work and it takes longer than syncing it.

When I change it to a mass storage device although it now shows in device manager under USB it lists it as a MTP device and not a mass storage device, which is strange (to me anyway).

I did have the same problem 2 years ago with another cheap MP3 player but just updating the USB drivers fixed that.

The USB controller lists as Via Rev5 or later USB Universal host controller.

Has anyone got any ideas how i can get this to work as an MTP device so I can sync it with MWP11 with out it hanging.

I must have spent two whole days on the web trying to find something, but no luck.

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2 suggestions: first - reset the player to default. Second - reformat the player. Do BOTH steps twice. Seems like over kill but I had to do this to get it to work. I had this same problem w/my S618 a couple of months ago and this actually took care of the problem for me. Only other option I would suggest is if this doesn't solve your problem then exchange the player or if your getting a little fed up - return the damn thing. There are so many great sounding options now your not tied down to 1 product. The Sansa Fuze is a great player w/more features actually and a LOWER price point. I love the new Sony lineup but the new Sansas' are coming out pretty feature rich and hott! Check it out if this doesn't solve your problems w/the A818.
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Thanks for the response. I had already formatted the device a number of times over Easter as I tried new updated drivers and each time thought I had cracked it, but alas.

Just tried the reset and unfortunately no change. Its so frustrating I love the MP3 player and to see it work fine on my works computer and then not work on my home PC (or my daughter's lap top) is a real pain. For now I think I will have to do a full sync at work and if I want to add a small number of tracks from home just turn it into a mass storage device and accept that I will not get the art work added.

Unless of course some hero out there has a solution.
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My S610 is doing this too.
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Seems WMP11 is the issue on that pc.
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