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Default Very Little Knowledge of MP3 players!! with all the good reviews on Creative mp3 players...i decided to get my bf an mp3 player....he was tripping today because the thing frozed on him..i got him the Creative Zen V 2GB by the way...but with the help of this website you just need to push the reset button right...i wonder why Creative didnt just put all that in the manual? setting the clock and stuff....u have to figure it out urself...that's a bit odd!...Anyways...he's even more clueless about these kind of high-tech gadgets stuff than I am...because as we all know...ipod is whats hot....he's heard of ipod but not of i think he's convinced that creative is a cheap knock off of that true?...I've never tested out a nano ipod i dont know.....and does anybody think buying speakers for an mp3 player is a good idea? what is good for this player?....and i think i messed up something because it's not charging very well....the battery kinda goes up and do i fix that?...also what can I buy so that I can play the music on the mp3 player in the car? ...I know that is a lot of questions to ask all at once...but someone please help me out!!......
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Creative players aren't cheap by any means. Actually, while iPod is "what's hot", Creative MP3 players have a higher quality sound and a larger set of features. As you can see in my signature, I've been owner of some Creative MP3 players and I can say they're very good.

About the speakers, I guess the output quality will depend on the quality of the player and the tunes. If you have a good set of speakers, a good MP3 player (Creative ) and if your music is properly encoded, the sound quality will be very good. Take a look at this link.

There are some cases available for this player by Noreve and other manufacturers, but I think this player is better enjoyed "naked". Besides, according to the reviews, its surface is scratch resistant enough to normal wear and tear.

About the battery issue, would you mind giving more details on that? Are you charging the player through USB? Have you installed the provided software to your computer?
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Congrats on your purchase of a Creative Zen player! I agree that they are head and shoulders above the iPod in every measure that matters!

The periodic freezing issue seems to be a common problem with new-release Creative players. Updating the firmware should fix this. You can find the latest firmware here. Simply download it to your desktop, plug in your player, and execute the firmware file. It'll do the rest.
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