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Originally Posted by mp3newbie View Post
1st S616..using far, so good except...lots of tracks, I had to enter the information manually...genre & release year appears in WMP & in the walkman listing in WMP when connected but when disconnected the songs list release year as unknown...Sony online help was over my head...please does any have an easy, "walk-me-through" suggestion?
One possible cause of the "Unknown" year problem is if you loading the music files via drag-and-drop (putting the files on your player via Windows Explorer). My experience has been that this problem doesn't occur if you use Windows Media Player to sync the files to your player.

If all of the music in Windows Media Player will fit on the player the procedure is fairly simple:

- Start Windows Media Player
- Connect your player. If this is the first time you've done this it will ask you to name your player.
- Click on the "Sync" button. A Sync panel will appear on the right side of the screen.
- Drag the files you want on your player to that panel.
- Click on the "Start Sync" button at the bottom of the panel. It will take some time if you are putting a large amount of music on your player.

There are other, more complicated, methods to sync the music to your player but the above is the simplest when using Windows Media Player.
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