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Originally Posted by harbingerofdoom View Post
no mix.. all mp3s.. the only thing that i have noticed over the past week as i have been paying very close attention to it is that it always locks up when moving from one song to the next.

and there are no videos on here at all.

as for the powers that be, im patiently waiting on the powers that be at the moment, a solution for my issues may be present very soon
I can see where that would get old REALLY fast. All I can guess is if its not an isolated defective player, it is the way the mp3's were encoded or high bitrate or vbr or a mix of bitrates etc. because I have all MP3's too and have not experienced lockups but mine are all 128 fixed. Regardless, the player should not care how you encoded them or what the parameters or whether you have a varied mix are as long as they are within spec. so you shouldn't be seeing these problems and shouldn't expect to have to live with them. Hope they come up with a fix for you soon. My big complaint is spotty playlist support and long boot up times otherwise the features, audio, and video performance meet or exceed all my expectations. Good luck.
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