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Default games question

can someone with the new firmware v3 tell me what the games are like on it thanks! and how long will it take for the updates to come on the samsung download centre?
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Default Please read: It is still a Beta only!

The v3 still is flagged as beta, and especially regarding games I can say: Many things left to clean out.

Well, not actually many things, but one thing that is very annoying: You cannot alter the volume of the games' sound/music. (you can turn it off though, what is highly recommended when you use the default headphones or ones that are even louder, since the volume just is way too high).
The games are OK, but a simpler layout (less details in the games) would be more appropriate for the little processorpower the T10 has (my impression). Also since the games are all "react quick & move accurate", they don't fit so well with the touch-controls (my opinion) - I always end up hitting the one that acts as "pause" or simply don't hit the controls at all, ending up losing a life or missing big points...

The games are "chicken escape" (or similar title). This is the most boring one (to me). You're are chicken and have to move left & right to avoid being hit by bouncing balls that fall from above. You can use your offspring (that will cling to you once you run into them) to destroy the balls and get points.

Then there is a bomber-tetris like game, quite interesting and the one that can be played rather easily on the t10, despite when the speed catches up, you'll surely end up cursing the controls (or your inability to use them as you might want) colored sticks made from individually colored blocks fall from above and your job is to mach the colored blocks with an action-block of the same color (has a hammer-symbol). Once that happens, all adjactent blocks of that color will blow up, and the remaining blocks from above will slide down to fill up the gaps, sometimes leading to chain reactions for some extra points. The blocks are only loosely attached to form the stick, since when they touch ground, it breaks up, so that every block lands atop of the ground/another block. You don't end up with parts hanging in mid-air, you cannot make "holes".

Finally there is Bubble smile - another "match colored items to make them go away" kind of game. The screen is always full of bubbles and you got a triangle frame that you can move around the screen and rotate the three bubbles that are enclosed within that frame either clockwise or counter-clockwise to make rows of equal color. The bubbles the pop and from the endless reservoir above the visible screen new bubbles fall down to fill the gap, again with the possibility for chain reactions.

So while the games can be nice to fill a five-minute wait, I kind of wished for a game where "the time doesn't tick", where you can take your time to hit the right buttton without the risk of losing because it took you so long...

But all this info was available in the other threads already (by following the links to the corean site (yepp) already. You don't need to understand corean to look at pictures. You don't need to understand corean to figure out the download links in those pictures. (the site really likes the poster-style).
You can get the firmware via those "posters" without the need for a login (all the GUIs, including Sammy). Only the games require a login (but some nice person already uploaded them, and linked the file in this forum)
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ok thanks for the info. much appreciated.
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So there is no quiz song game? =\

Looks like the only good things on this firmware are the new GUIs and the ability to delete files.
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i don't know if it will work, but can't you download shockwave flash projects onto your T10... because they have a quiz song game...
Keep Your Cool...
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I haven't tried v3 firmware yet but it doesn't seem to make sense to include games that rely on reflexes and quick response on a player with an unrefined touch interface. something like the quiz song game mentioned would seem more appropriate, since the processing power and battery life of this player is not huge.
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