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Is it normal that SMS adds the Datacasts to both my Datacast section and Music section on my T10, I was listening to music today and then all of a sudden my t10 started playing a datacast from NPR and I went to look at my Music->Artists and it shows an NPR file. I don't want my podcasts integrated into my music
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Unfortunately, your podcasts will integrate into your music library...

Happened to me too...
Keep Your Cool...
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I just picked up one of the T-10s, and it was primarily for the purpose of podcast playback. I was using a Zune, but there are two big problems with podcast support. No playlists, and it won't advance to the next podcast automatically. Otherwise, not only are Zunes a close Apple competitor, they're better in several ways. iPods of course hand Podcasts very well, but I refuse to use the bloatware/spyware known as iTunes!

I was hopeful for the T-10, which overall is a very cool little player. As with the Zune, it was sadly a near miss for podcasts. Am I missing something? Or is there no way to have podcasts (datacasts) play automatically?? Also, as with those above, it does not seem to track what has been played. I guess asking for a playlist for "datacasts" would be way too much.

It's really a shame how close this player came. Hopefully, with software updates, it will come around on of these days. You Samsung folks read this?
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