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Originally Posted by mattschuette View Post
Become root and chgrp them to yourself. As for the mounting, you can probably change the default group in fstab. My Ubuntu box died several months ago, though, so I haven't tried any Pilot + Ubuntu goodness. If it's not straightforward, someone on will know... it is, after all, just a standard usb device in MSC mode.
Surprisingly, it won't let me chgrp them even as root, and I can't seem to do much when I mount as root either. I'll have to fiddle with the fstab.

Originally Posted by mechvent
What program are you using to modify tags? Using Hardy Heron and the newest version of wine and winetricks I successfully installed foobar2000. After installing lame I was able to convert from FLAC to mp3 no problem. I could also modify the tag format to ide3v2|ide3v1, but I could not change the Album Title in the Metadata tab. I could, however, change it in Rhythmbox with Edit>Select All>Properties.
I've been trying to use Wine + Winamp, because I have a few .ogg files whose tags the Pilot can't read unless they're edited with Winamp. Not Foobar2000, not Audacious, not Amarok... has to be Winamp, for some reason.

I admit I have not yet tried running Wine+Winamp as root when mounting the Pilot as root.
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