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The standard EU & US MTP firmwares will not allow the T10 to mount on an Apple Mac .. but as others have said the XNJB will allow you to access and place music on the device.
Just make sure that you get the latest version (1.5.0?) and in the Preferences check the box "Enable Fast Data Transfers"

I have actually modded my T10 (to Kr 2.00 firmware (not without a little hiccup) then let Samsung Media Studio to upgrade to the latest 3.03KR firmware

This allow UMS mode so that the T10 will now mount on a Mac OSX Desktop and allows putting files directly from the Mac into the folders on the T10.
However I would be wary of doing large Data transfers all at one time via this method as When I did the T10 froze due to an erroneous Memory error and the only way to recover the T10 was to do a full Format from SMS ie wipe all data and start again

So the T10 does work with an Apple Mac - modding will make it more accessible but softly does it .. YMMV
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