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Yea, being either a 2,4 or 8 meg player, you're really only limited by physical space on the player. I suppose if you have all 64 kbit songs, 4 minutes a piece you could easily break 1500 on the 4 gig player. I currently have 384 songs on mine (some up to 320 kbps and some 30 minutes+), plus 43 video clips, 87 pictures and a few saved recorded files from voice rec and radio. I'm sure there IS a limit as to number of songs, but with only up to 8 gigs, i doubt you'll have problems with staying under it. Now for the HDD players with 160 gigs+ you might run into a problem. But most of those run a form of windows, and can have folder depths to... 256 i think? and hundreds of thousands of files.
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