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Default Rockboxed X5L: bricked?

Hey all,

I had an iAudio X5L with RockBox, and it was amazing. About two weeks ago, it stopped playing audio. Just stopped. It turns on and I can navigate and do everything normally, but it just doesn't play music. It takes slightly longer to load the track, and then a hell of a long time for it to show up "Next" at the bottom of the screen, if that means anything. At first I thought it was something with the firmware, but I formatted the 30GB drive I have, and it didn't help any. I also have a 20GB drive, but that didn't work either. From there I deduced that it's either a hardware problem or a bootloader/flashmem problem. I think I may eliminate that the cause is from a hardware problem, because once every about 20 boots, the audio works (but then I can't change the volume). If anybody has any clue as to what my problem is, I would greatly appreciate some help.

Thanks in advance,
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Can you try reloading the original firmware, and then reinstalling rockbox again, to see if it works
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I did try, but for some reason it didn't work. I suspect that the reason is because I run Linux Ubuntu. Why do I run Ubuntu? Well, it's because the player won't be recognized by Windows for some odd reason. And the original firmware is for Windows only, so I guess something is messed up. As far as I know, WINE won't run the firmware correctly. I'll try firing it up again, just to be sure.
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