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Originally Posted by The Little Guy View Post
I have another idea. Make playlists named after the artist that include all of the songs. This might be the best way, but making a playlist for each artist will take a long time.
I have sort of solved the issue by labeling the album tags for Artists w/10 songs or less with a generic name. (like "so-and-so's mixed cuts.") If there's more than 10 songs, I label them in their respective "albums." A minor pain I suppose.

I have 1579 songs and I probably know which album each belongs to anyway - whether it's labeled as such or not. (I am a catalogue of such trivial information, but just ask me where my car keys are..... ). WIsh for the future - It'd just be nice to simply select an artist and go down the list of songs alphabetically.

Thankfully I bought a 4gb micro card for my new 8gb Fuze - I filled that internal drive right up and have now started into the micro card.

Now I'm off on a biz trip for a few days so I get to "road test" the thing. (Still can't get used to the small size!)
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