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Originally Posted by vferrari View Post
Originally Posted by myet01 View Post
Here is a real neat idea, record TV or anything else directly to an SD Card (in MPEG4) without a computer. Then, move the SD card to your Pilot to watch it. It is called the SanDisk SDMV1-R V-Mate Video Memory Card Recorder

Here is another one called the Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder 2 Plus Digital Video Recorder


Have you tested these out? The pilot is very specific on the video profiles it accepts and I'm not sure these recorders will record in the right xvid/wmv format.
Unfortunately, the Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2 files don't seem to play on the Pilot, at least not natively. This was a key reason I bought the Pilot.

The Pilot manual says:
"Your player can show MPEG-4 videos. No other video formats are supported."

So I recorded on the Neuros using several file formats:
320x240 30 fps, 320 x 240 15 fps, 320 x 240 3gp
The first 2 formats have .MP4 extensions; I did the 3gp just in case.
None of them show up in the Pilot's Folder Browser.

I then tried changing the file extensions from MP4 to AVI. That makes them show up in the Pilot's Folder Browser, but it displays an error message when I try to play them.

My Motorola Q, fortunately, has no problems playing back the Neuros files using TCPMP.

I thought the Pilot would be nice as a dedicated player, especially since both the Pilot and the Neuros use SD cards - no adapters required. (I didn't realize how difficult it is to insert and remove SD cards on the Pilot).

If someone knows an easy way to make the Neuros MPEG4 files play natively on the Pilot, let me know, Otherwise, unfortunately, I'll be returning the Pilot today.
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