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Originally Posted by archy121 View Post
Thanks for your reply mate.
Sorry but I could not understand your responses to Q2.

1. When connected are you able to display the album art when browsing the tracks on the walkman through WMP11 or MM ?

2. When connected are you able to select a track on the Walkman & have it play through WMP11 or MM ?

I have formatted the player & reset it to default values. I have added new tracks with MM add added album art. They are working & the album art is visible when browsing tracks directly on the Walkman.

Another question - Does wmp11/MM resize the artwork so that it is a more efficient size as some of the downloaded artwork is sometimes quite large. I'm guessing all that is required is 320x200 in 16bit to do the job.

To tell you the truth, I've not tried playing the music files on my walkman via either WMP or MediaMonkey. I maintain a music library on my computer and (1) play my music from that library, and (2) use that as the source for the files that I put on my player via syncing through MediaMonkey.

My main concern with the files on my player is that the work properly on my player. This includes proper display of all of the file information and that the album art shows up consistently.

I haven't worried about the size of the album art that is embedded into my music files. What I have noticed is that if the file size is below a certain size it will appear shrunken when I view the album art from within the song. One of the things that I hope Sony does is allow you to not show the album art at all and replace the image with other information from the song (what currently shows up when you show the song's detailed information).
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