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Talking Just Got My Fuze!!!

i've fooled around with it for like 10 mins!!

omg im sooo excited

i have the red one and the color looks amazing...i'll post some pics tomorrow

yea the screen quality IS NOT as bad as they say it is..

well i thought it came with a software cd...but i have to download it from the site, so its downloading now

cant wait to get some vids on this thing

i changed my wallpaper to pink!! and yea they need more colors (there are 3 shades of blue!!)
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Congrats, But Try Not To Set Your Expectations Too High Regarding The Video Quality, The Fuze Really is A Great DAP That Just Happens To Support Video Playback...
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Which is exactly like the E200, video playback is kind of a bonus.
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Congrats on your new purchase! I'm glad to see you're happy with it so far.
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Congrats! It's a great player!
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Don't forget to upgrade to the latest firmware if it's not already updated. I just got mine a week ago and it still had the original firmware.

Sansa Fuze 01.01.11 Latest Firmware Download:
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