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To add a little on my interpretation of some of your questions...

1. The music and lyrics will not be synchronized. The Pilot, as far as I know, does not support Lyrics3v2 or any other ID3-related lyrics tags. But, if you happen to have some music and happen to have a text file with the lyrics for that music, the Pilot won't stop you from manually following along in the text editor while the music is playing.

3. Bluetooth is a radio in that it uses RF signals to communicate between devices. However, a BT headset/speaker alone (not paired with the Pilot or other device) is not enough to listen to "the radio" as in AM/FM signals. Otherwise, great info already posted.

5. The default screen seems to be Now Playing, which displays different things depending on what is, er, now playing - context sensitive. Song info for MP3s (or other formats), radio info if the radio is currently playing, etc.

6. The Pilot will use information in the ID3 tags of the music. Failing that, I believe it uses the filename, so sorting would depend on how you name your files. I would strongly suggest maintaining good tags for your music. On your phone, it sounds like it's a very primitive MP3 player that uses file create time to determine the order. When you drag and drop in Windows, it typically does copy in reverse order for whatever reason. The modified dates on copied files don't change, but the create date is updated to the time the file is copied. The Pilot is much more intelligent about it. It could also be MTP "helping" you with the transfer and doing who knows what to your files.
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