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How much more useful would the 2 gigs be? Is a 4gig player more than 40% more enjoyable than the same player with just two gigs? Each person can answer that for themselves. For some it will be yes, for others it will be no. Each gig will hold roughly 9 hours of music at 256 kbps or 18 hours of music at 128 kbps. I use 256 kbps, so a 2 gig player would mean 18 hours of music for me. I tend to listen to my favorite songs over and over rather than play very many different songs. The most favorite 10% of my music probably gets at least 60% of my play time, so for me having just two gigs of memory wouldn't limit me much. For others these numbers may be very different, and an extra two gigs of space might be much more valuable.
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