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Update: In the weee hours of the morning, I downloaded Mp3tag because I was told that it worked well under WINE, and it does So I then messed with the settings, and finally got an album I had just ripped to sort properly on the Fuze, success !

Ok, so that's one time. I'm currently ripping another album, and about to test the results. One thing though, is that when copied over, the song numbers did not go with them, which I really want. And now I"m wondering, is it possible to tag the albums with an actual number for the whole album, so that say, three albums will be listed in alpha numerical succession ? This would make things all that much better in my eyes.

Now I'm hoping to find a program which will rip, encode and properly tag my files with the same idv2.3 scheme, so that I don't have to perform this extra step.

Edit: Aaaaaand failure. I just don't get it. Mp3 tag worked with one album, but now after ripping several all over again, I can't get the same results. The behavior is just too erratic and I'm not sure of what's up. More investigating to do.

Edit #2: Success again. Changed the settings so that Mp3tag uses ISO -8859-1 and both strips and replaces the id3v2 tags. Well, it worked this time, at least. Then I had to click the automatic number thing, and then make sure to leave the "track" field "blank" and then choose "tag-filename". Now I only want it to do one more thing which I can't seem to figure out, which is how to actually include the track number in the tag. More testing...

Edit #3: Had success again, which is nice. So now, I'm going to try tagging two albums at the same time. If that works, I can work in bulk, and things will be a lot better. I'm also trying different name schemes for the albums in an attempt to number the actual albums so that they'll be in chronological order, the way I like them. Will report back....

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