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Old 06-05-2008, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Cars066 View Post
wmp 9 or 10 and express rip. but the thing is i get cd's from my brothers and other people and burn them and i can't get them back, is there something i can do about the songs i already ripped, or something i can do w/ my player? are you sure its the software and not the player being defective?
I agree it's likely to be an encoding problem. I've never heard of this happening before and it only happens to some of your files. So it almost has to be something specific to the files themselves.

If you ripped straight to a lossy format (like mp3), then there's not really a good solution to correct an encoding problem. You could use LAME to try and decode/reencode, which might fix the encoding problem, but then the files would have gone through two lossy compressions and sound quality would be noticably impacted. You could always try it and see if the results are acceptable, just make sure you keep the original files in case it doesn't work out.

For this reason, if you're going to do any significant amount of ripping or if you may not have access to the CDs later, it's always best to rip to a lossless format (like FLAC) then transcode to a lossy format for portable use. Then you can always transcode/reencode as many times or as many different ways as you want without problem. Not to mention you can reproduce the original CD from the lossless files.

Also, I agree with dfkt about EAC. I exclusively use EAC+REACT to rip to FLAC. However, there's a pretty steep learning curve. If you find EAC a little overwheming, you might also want to check out dBpoweramp. It's not nearly as customizable/scriptable as EAC+REACT, but it's more user friendly and has more or less the same secure ripping capability as EAC.
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