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better deal

silicon cases from there are about 7 bucks shipped. comes with arm band and clip. clip is frankly useless but they are in general, the armband and case are what matters. the fit is basically perfect. even for the volume control on the side. shipped in about 3 days to me.

i got a black and a clear one for my black walkman, i think i prefer the black one because it sorta is nondescript and the white clear one while it lets you see the button labels looks a bit odd on it in my opinion. its just a preference thing.

the best screen protector to use would be the do it yourself sheet. under 10 bucks shipped and you got plenty left to protect other things. just cut out a piece bit enough for the screen, it doesn't have to be that exact since the edges are covered by the silicon case. i used a sheet of paper to pencil rub a stencil to get a good fit. its the same material as the invisible shield which is much hyped as either helicopter blade protector film or bumper paint guard for fancy cars depending on who's marketing department you trust. either way it goes on clear and is nearly indestructible..and doesn't peel off easy. its not like the cheap films, this stuff goes on with a bit of spray water. check out some invisible shield videos on youtube if you want to see torture tests or how to put it on right. theres a good one of some guy putting it on an ipod.

if you damage the film you probably smashed the device anyways nayways the combination of silicon skin+this film makes it rather well protected. you don't have to worry about it in your pocket.

the fluids just water with a small drop of soap mixed in and then allowed to sit until bubbles go away really. use a cheap spray bottle.
any bubbles or small imperfections you couldn't get out during install disappear slowly over a week..its gas permeable. after that its pretty sweet.

screen protector films from big box stores tend to be more saran wrappy static clingy junk. its neither got a perfect contact or securely stuck on or very strong. not good stuff.
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