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Default Sansa Fuze and fast/forward on audiobooks and podcast


i'm currently consider buying a Sansa Fuze to replace my broken iPod mini. I used my iPod mainly for
audiobooks and podcast. As i learned the Fuze also supports resume which is very important for
listening to audiobooks and podcast.

Another thing which i found very handy on my iPod is the fast/forward feature to
skip to a certain position on a track. E.g. if you listening to a large audiobook (> 2 hours)
you can easily fast/forward to 1h35m with the scrollwheel.

Does the Sansa Fuze also supports something like this?
How long does it takes to fast/forward through a large file?

Thank you!

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You can't scroll through the track, but as you fast forward, the step gradually increase, so it shouldn't take long to get through a big file.
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Thanks for the reply.

That's a pity i'll really miss that feature of my iPod mini.

Now i have to wait until got these players in stock.

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