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Default NWZ-S710 series : noise cancelling?!?


I just got a Sony Walkman NWZ S718.
I don't hear the difference with noise cancelling ON or OFF.

In fact, I only hear an additionnal very little white noise when noise cancelling is ON.

Is my device broke? Is it normal? I've tried in the bus and subway. No difference at all, even when I put the noise cancel level at MAX level.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

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The noice cancelling isnt great, but its definitely there and should be very noticable. Barein mind you need to use the supplied earbuds and no aftermarket ones, and the little extra metal piece have to connect properly into the jack so the mics get a connection.
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its mostly a gimmick at that price point. canal bud headphones that fit well seal out sound better than any "noise canceling" phones. in other words a physical plug is what works in reality.
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