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Originally Posted by bza13 View Post
yup, picked up the 4gb myself. really like it so far. still playing around with it, like a kid and a new toy.
Same here, although it took a few days to get my files in shape for the player.

Also, for those of you who missed it, it will be $139 starting tomorrow.
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Just picked up my 4Gb Pilot on Saturday. The experience so far has been good. Spent time ripping CDs and moving then into the Pilot... very smooth. Tried to put a couple pictures on it as well. None of the image software I have seems to want to format the pics the way I want so I got as close as I could. They transferred after a warning that the format wasn't in compliance... but they display okay. Then I tackled video with some apprehension since I have read of many struggling with this. I used the free version of Any Video Converter to convert mp4 and wmv to avi xvid containers. Transferred them and lo and behold they work perfectly.

I had the Pilot lock once in the first fifteen minutes of use and no problem since then. I was in the FM tuner, and when the Pilot screen turned off I couldn't get it to come back on. The hard reset put it right.

Really nice player for the price. The interface has some rough spots but overall it is quite usable. Nice work Insignia... let's hope the Pilot holds up over time.
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I recently purchased my Insignia Pilot 4GB from the Best Buy outlet on eBay. Ended up spending less than $40 for it. At that price, it really is a best buy. :-)
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I bought my 4GB for $139.99 in October or November....
the SD Slot wasn't working and i used the Best Buy warranty last month to upgrade to an 8GB....

... the 8GBs were $119.99 -_-
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A friend of mine just bought a 4Gb on sale for $99. The screen broke a week later and when he went back to Best buy to exchange it was up to $120
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8gb Pilot on sale this week at BB for $99!!
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