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Talking My solution for "Various Artists" albums

I see there have been quite a few threads about the issues with having Various Artists (VA) albums on the Zen, basically that you end up with a very long list of artists when using the artist view.

If the Zen showed Album Artist rather than each individual artists that would be a great solution, but I've been waiting for that in firmware for a long time now , so I decided to sort my own VA albums my own way.

Following on from a suggestion on here I have re-tagged all my VA albums to have:
Track Title tag = <track name=""> • <artist name="">
Artist tag = "Various Artists"

(note the separator char is alt + 0149 in windows)

This way in the artists view on the Zen I can see the Various Artists albums.

To get to this stage I used MediaMonkey and a small script I wrote to amend the tags. I also wrote a secondary script that will split the Title track and put the artist name back into the artist tag.

I have attached the 2 scripts here if there are of any use to anyone else. You can edit them to have a different separator character, and a different name instead of Various Artists. If you do, be sure to amend both scripts so you can undo the changes with the SplitVarious script.

1) Download the 2 scripts to your MediaMonkey scripts lib. (Mine is called :- C:\Program Files\MediaMonkey\Scripts)
2) Rename file suffixs from .txt to .vbs. So file names are
SplitVarious.vbs and SortVarious.vbs
3) In Scripts lib, locate the Scripts.ini file, open it for edit (use notepad)
4) Add the following text at the bottom of the file :-

DisplayName=&Add Various Artists
Description=Build Title by appending artist name, amend artist to Various Artists

DisplayName=&Split Various Artists
Description=Remove Various Artists as artist name, re-instate artist from Title

5) Start MediaMonkey
6) Select an album, then goto Tools -> Scripts -> Add Various Artists
You should now be able to view your amended tags.
Sync with your Zen

(To remove the Various Artists use the Split Various Artists script Tools -> Scripts -> Split Various Artists)

Caveats : Use at your own risk, these are my 1st go at vbs scripts and work for me.
I am using MediaMonkey, tested only on that level

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