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Default Does Futureshop T10s come with Bestbuy drivers

anyone who has bought their T10 from futureshop?
and do you get regular drivers or bestbuy versions?

I'm very happy my iPod nano is now sold and I'm on my way to becoming a faithful follower of the T10. The only thing left right now is to pick a store.

I live in Toronto, Canada. The cheapest stores that sell 4GB T10 are Bestbuy and Futureshop. Apparently Bestbuy bought out Futureshop years ago and I could sort of see how their prices are the same on nearly everything. I'm kind of worried because of this, now that the two stores are actually under one roof. I don't want to take a chance with Bestbuy drivers as certain threads here cry out in horror because some users with Bestbuy T10s can't update to the latest drivers.

so ya... if anyone can confirm Futureshop is safe it'll be appreciated

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Don't Worry The T10 From BestBuy in Canada is not bestbuy version only in the statesI think.
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Even if it does you can use Firmware installers like the Rockbox ttctool to install any other version See the Howto stickied thread
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I've bought my T10 from a Futureshop in Canada, Toronto. It came with regular driver. However, Futureshop's prices on the T10 costs more than BestBuy's price. (But yet again, I've bought mine during Christmas time.)

Like Buzzmonkee said, you could always use Firmware installers if you aren't fond of the BestBuy ver.
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I bought mine at Futureshop in November '07 and it came with the regular US version 1.19 Best Buy firmware...good thing cause it would have gone right back
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