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Originally Posted by Student Driver View Post
One thing to remember is that not all iPod connectors are created equal. I have an Alpine that uses the iPod interface, and it needs the iPod to have a slight amount of power before it will engage, and therefore actually power the dock connector (the example here uses a 12v power outlet that's indiscriminate). Since the Insignia adapter doesn't have its own power source, the Alpine never realizes that it's there. I bought one, tried it in the parking lot, and took it back. Also, I believe it doesn't support AVRCP, so you will have to control the Pilot directly rather than using the headunit controls like you would with an iPod (unless that's changed).
Good point with power. The two ipod power/audio adapters I've used (Monster/Griffen) BOTH powered up the Insignia receiver just fine. Only the Griffen had ipod transport controls on the cigarette lighter plug and I confirmed that they are indeed not transmitted through the receiver (obviously the setup here assumes you don't have transport controls/bluetooth on your car's sound sytem's headunit - because then you would just wirelessly hook up to that). But frankly, those controls were not convenient, I just use the diminutive Pilot as if it were the remote control "virtually" changing programs on my car sound system. In this manner, since there are no wires attached to the Pilot, it looks and acts just like a remote control for my sound system that I can place anywhere I find convenient in my car, even though in actuality, the content is actually stored and being transmitted from the Pilot.

Also, these ipod adapters are not created equal when it comes to audio - the Griffen had a high/low boost/attenuation control and definitely colored the sound sent out its aux jack (bass heavy/suppressed midrange). The Monster had no such "volume" control and the sound seemed crisp and flat across the frequency spectrum (almost as if you plugged the aux jack mini-cable directly into the Pilot headphone output). Also, depending on how well you electrical system is grounded and filtered, you may notice some slight alternator whine when no audio is being pumped through bluetooth adapter.

Oh, and since my car sound system's headunit has an aux in jack, I'm not bothering with any iTrip like FM transmitters, which tend to degrade the sound anyway and with adding bluetooth to the mix would probably just make a bad audio situation worse.

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